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Photography and your Marketing Strategy

Photography is a crucial element in any effective marketing plan. By using it strategically and consistency, you can increase engagement, build your brand and ultimately build your business! Check out these ways photography in your marketing plan can help bring your brand to the next level!

Visuals give potential clients a reason to click

Photos attract the eye, making your website more enticing to potential clients. Studies have even shown that 41% of Adobe users connected beautiful imagery to a positive experience, and 44% said they were less likely to read a website page if there were no images.

They relay importance

The first thing that catches a person’s attention when looking at a website or advertisement is often the pictures on the page. The photos used often draw attention by giving the impression that they are important, and cause people to turn their attention towards it. It also helps with brand awareness for a business.

Lend Credibility

By using real photos, instead of stock images, it allows your business to look more trustworthy to possible customers. Original photos of you or your business, help you become more personal with customers.

They allow for instant sharing of information

A picture that represents you and your business is a great way to easily share what your brand represents. Before people read the information, whether on a website or ad poster, they look at the photos that go along with the advertisement and get their first impression before reading anything.

There is emotional appeal

Having photos as a part of your marketing tactics will give audiences the ability to connect on a more emotional level. By creating an emotional appeal to reach your target audience, you can go far in your business.

Gives a professional look

By using high quality, professional, images as a part of your marketing strategy you can create the look of professionalism within your brand. A professional photographer can put out a powerful message through imagery to bring attention to your business.

Establishes credibility

By using photography in your advertisements, you can show that you care about your business and your customers. It also puts out the idea that you have a strong brand to your intended audience. You can strengthen your message and connect to your audience.

Delivers a message with no words

An image can convey a very strong message to customers, and it is usually the first thing a person will process when viewing an advertisement or website. You can convey a message about you and your brand without having to use any words at all, and it can be just as effective, if not more, than a paragraph could be.

If you are looking to update your content for your marketing plan, let’s connect and make it happen!

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