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Angela Gentile | Host of The Empowered Millennials Podcast & Founder of Sweat Remix

Meet Angela! Empowered Millennial, Entrepreneur, Speaker and Professional Host who is living her live authentically and empowering others to do the same! Let’s dive in to learn more about Angela, The Empowered Millennials Podcast and Sweat remix!

What is your name? What is your business name?

Angela Gentile, I am an entrepreneur, speaker and host The Empowered Millennials podcast and founder of fitness brand, Sweat Remix

What products/services do you offer?

I offer one-on-one empowerment and NLP (neuro linguistic programming) coaching services to millennials who are ready to do their inner work, heal their need to please and do what they should, so they can let go of all that bullshit and truly live an authentic and purposeful life they love

How would you describe your business?

Oh it’s a lil bit zen and a lil bit raw, with a whole lot of love and life experience showing up as empathy and empowered support. Haha! But my whole brand and The Empowered Millennials podcast and coaching is designed to move away from the surface, the what feels safe, and all the presentations and expectations and dive into what is real, what is raw, authentic and honest. My coaching practices, and even how I present stories and storytelling on the podcast is truly about giving people space and permission to heal their limiting beliefs that started early on in life as a way to cope with big situations we didn’t have the words for and are now the roadblocks in our life that limit us from really stepping fully into our power. 

What makes your business unique? 

One of the things that is specific to my brand is that I work with millennials. It is the generation I obviously have experience with, being an elder millennial myself. But socially, millennials are known for being change makers (you can read my blog here). We were raised with lots of outdated operating systems of what success is, who we should be, etc. And since the world changes so fast with advancements, social movements and tech, most of which are during our lifetime, we have new experiences that push the status quo and break the deference we were taught to conform to. We are rule breakers by nature! Look at what we have created as a generation. So, when we feel angry and resentful it is because we are trying to force an old way of being into our life. We just need to break free!! And that’s where my program and coaching practices come in: to help you do that!

I think one of the things that can be off putting in the coaching world is, to put it frankly, youth and inexperience. I am not saying that you need to have gone through certain situations or that someone in their 20’s can’t comprehend grief or pain. That’s not it. But what I do think is that having a vast array of life experiences and just mere time on this earth, there is lots of wisdom to share. Anecdotally, this wisdom presents as an open mind and support for whatever someone sees as their path. I am not there to judge or direct, but to guide and facilitate someone’s self connection and self agency. Now, combine that wisdom with a professional teaching background with specifications and experience in leadership and curriculum design, and certifications in neuroscience, you are now working with someone who not only has quantifiable experience but is certainly qualified, too. 

What motivates you? 

Joy. Simple as that. The feeling of joy, pure joy, like youthful joy where it is so present and pure is what drives me. And to be there, often, means that I am doing my work with intention and aligned to my own highest good and purpose. 

What were you doing before you started business? And/or what else are you doing now (school/work etc)

I was living a miserable, cookie cutter life wearing conservative clothes and showing up at a teaching job that I absolutely hated. It was slowly killing my spirit, and my mental health. Crying on the way into work, knowing I didn’t want to do it anymore and feeling so stuck, I just didn’t know how I was going to make the change. It was when my dad died suddenly, where I got the wake up call. I knew I didn’t want to spend one more second of my precious life being unhappy. If life could be over in a second, why wasn’t I living? So, through grief I learned courage. And I quit my teaching career, started a fitness business that truly took off in the Boston fitness scene. During COVID, I switched everything virtually and have automated my entire fitness brand. Now, I focus on coaching and getting deeper in to life chat, stayin conscious and active busting out of the millennial “good girl” box while helping others do the same. 

How do you maintain a work-life balance while running a small business and what strategies or practices have helped you navigate the demands of entrepreneurship?

I think when you are doing what you love, it doesn’t feel like an obligation. Running my business is like creating art for me and just feels like what I am meant to do. Prior to leaping into entrepreneurship, I created a strong fitness and wellness routine. Since high school, I have worked out and as I got older and more in control of the grocery shopping, I made healthy organic and non-processed food choices. So, this is just like, part of my DNA. I think that helps substantially for me to maintain my health. Because without that, I don’t think I would have survived the stress of entrepreneurship! ha! I also think just knowing yourself and knowing what you need can help. I truly know what I need and am not afraid to honor that, give it to myself, rest if need, hustle when I want. I don’t ever feel pressured by the “should.”

What’s your favorite thing about your business? Most rewarding? Most challenging?

My favorite thing? Growing! I love evolving and growing. I think it is the best part. And most rewarding? Connecting with really incredible people. My podcast and business contacts provide me the opportunity to get to know some really dope, powerful people. Challenging? SO MUCH. I think making investments and having them pay out financially. It can be a risk to invest in say, coaching or advertising, but it can also pay off if you do it with intention and clarity. 

What motto/quote do you always try to live by?

You get one life, you better live the hell outta it. 

How do you define success? 

Doing what you love. 

What do you want to achieve in the future?

I want to have a bigger audience and keep monetizing my podcast while still coaching people all over the world. ANd, I want to interview Chelsea Handler. And Oprah. haha. 

What advice would you give to aspiring female entrepreneurs who are just starting their own businesses?

Clean up your own ecosystem. Our business will always be a reflection of how we feel about ourselves, how deep we are willing to go, how much we are willing to put ourselves out into the world, to be big. So any of those roadblocks and doubts that are showing up, maybe being silenced, will eventually surface. The bill always comes due! So, when you have things that you need to heal, wrap up, get clarity on and/or put to rest, you have to do it. It will be the biggest gift you can give to yourself and your business. 

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