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15 Gray Hill | Professional Home Styling & Organizing Services

15 Gray Hill

Introducing Alison Gray, or Alie if you prefer, the owner and heart behind 15 Gray Hill. Her journey began with friends encouraging her to take her talent beyond casual help. With a love for styling and a knack for organizing, Alison decided to make it official and launched 15 Gray Hill last fall.

With over two decades of experience helping friends and family, Alison now offers professional home styling and organizing services. Based in Chicopee, she serves clients in the Pioneer Valley and Northern CT areas, and even offers virtual services for those further afield.

Get to know Alison Gray and see how 15 Gray Hill can help you create beautifully organized spaces that bring peace and joy to your life.

What makes your business unique? I like to inspire my clients to truly make the space their own, not just replicate what is currently trending. I also advocate for Mental Health awareness and get so much joy in helping those that struggle, whether by creating an organization system that really works for them, or creating a space that makes them feel comfortable and supported to be their best selves.

If your business had a theme song, what would it be? The Middle, by Jimmy Eat World.

What is the most rewarding and most challenging part of your business? (or career) I find that the joy emanating from a client when they finally have a space they love, or an organizational system that actually works for them, provides me the biggest reward for what I do. The most challenging for me is trying to keep up with social media posting, especially while I am in the middle of a project. 

What were you doing before you started business? And/or what else are you doing now (school/work etc.) I work a full-time job at a large insurance company as a relationship manager, which means, like many others, I style and organize on my free time on evenings and weekends.

What strategies or practices have helped you navigate the demands of entrepreneurship? The best practice for me as a new, small business owner is to try different things to see what works for my business. There are so many ways to get your business out there; for me, it is not my goal to be an influencer or get on HGTV (though that would be fun) so I must step back and ask myself if what I am considering is the best strategy for my business and clientele. The other practice I am constantly struggle to be aware of at all times is not to take on too much, which I tend to do. Keeping realistic expectations and timelines is huge in entrepreneurship, and for our mental health.  

What do you do for fun in your down time? Besides snuggling with Leia, I love my home and furniture makeovers – they bring me into focus and generally relax me. Over the past decade, I’ve also added reading to my hobbies and have different digital, paper, and audio books being read at the same time.

Do you have any pets? What type and their names? Leia is my lab/shepherd mix. She is 13 and a half and my world. She loves to jump in on my makeover photos yet always gives me attitude when I want to take one of just her or a selfie of us. She has quite the personality. 

What is your favorite product you would recommend to everyone? Sherwin Williams paint. I started using this brand several years ago and I absolutely love the color selection and variety of paint they offer to choose from depending on the project. I also rarely go without using my Wooster brand angled sash paint brush.

After a long day of work, what’s your favorite way to unwind? You can find me either watching one of the many shows in my to be watched list, or reading a book; anything to stop my mind from overthinking and creating more projects for myself.

Are you ready to style a room in your home or tackle an organizational project? Reach out to Alison today to get started!

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