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Massachusetts Boutique | the GRATI shop

An Interview with Kelly Partridge, owner of the GRATI shop

You know those people who make what they do look so easy and effortless, but you know it actually takes an incredible amount of work? And I mean this as a huge compliment. Kelly Partridge is one of those people!

Kelly is the owner of the GRATI shop, an online boutique that has focused on comfortable fashion while supporting female empowerment efforts for the past three years. On July 16th, the GRATI shop will open its brick and mortar location in Wilbraham, Massachusetts, to accompany its online boutique with in person shopping! Keep on reading for what Kelly loves most about her job, what she finds the most challenging and so much more!

How would you describe the GRATI shop? I would describe the GRATI shop at a comfortable fashion and cruelty free beauty brand.

How long has the GRATI shop been around? My 3-year business anniversary just passed on June 18th!

What inspired you to open it? Honestly, my experience with domestic abuse is what led me to starting my business. When I left my relationship I had no confidence, self-love, or self-esteem. I was in a really bad place mentally and emotionally and had a lot of healing and work to do on myself. So, I started by getting dressed and making myself feel good on the outside and worked my way in. I was also at a point where I was reevaluating what I wanted out of life, and instead of working for someone else decided I would like to try doing a business of my own. In thinking about where my need to change came from I thought about how important simply just getting dressed was for me, and it turned into me opening a boutique.

What were you doing before the GRATI shop opened? Before the GRATI shop I was a Senior Analyst with the School Department in Springfield. Although I liked the work, and the people I was working with it just didn’t light me up. I do however credit a lot of my success to the skillsets that I obtained while working there. I approached my business the same way I approached many projects at the department.

How would you describe the GRATI shop? the GRATI shop can be described as a comfortable fashion and cruelty free beauty brand.

What’s your favorite thing about your job? That it has given me the freedom and flexibility that I want and need in life. Most rewarding? Watching the growth of my business, and the growth of me personally over the past three years. I’ve done a lot in a short amount of time, and it’s nice to look back at it all to see how far I have come. Most challenging? The many hats you have to wear. Yes, outsourcing certain things has helped, but there is always a lot on my plate, and it can be really stressful at times. What products/services do you offer? We offer clothing for women sizes S-3XL, graphic t-shirts for men, women, and children, and a cruelty free and vegan skincare and makeup line.

What is your personal style? Being comfortable, hence the comfortable fashion brand, but I love makeup and wearing a bold lip. So, anything I can throw on red lipstick I’m down for it!

What do you do for fun on your down time? I’m big on family. I love to spend time with my family, try local coffee shops, breweries, and wineries. I love to garden. I think my favorite thing in the morning is going outside and watering all my flowers and plants.

What motto/quote do you always try to live by? If it’s not a heck yes, it’s a heck no. I have had trouble with setting boundaries and this motto has helped me stay mindful that if I don’t feel up to something it’s okay to say no.

What Inspires you? Surrounding myself with some pretty awesome people who are doing some really amazing things. So, seeing all that they are doing around me inspires me to keep going and keep working towards my own dreams.

What do you want to achieve in the future? To have my business continue growing, and to continue creating a life I love with the people I love!

You can find more about Kelly at the GRATI shop on her website and check out her featured photo gallery from her most recent branding session !

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