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Massachusetts Intuitive Guide | Monique Vacon

An Interview with Monique Vacon, owner of Soul Transformation

Meet Monique! Your High vibing Massachusetts intuitive guide offering card readings, guided meditations, reiki and other light worker services. Monique is always a pleasure to work with but her session in July was especially unique. It started with a power outage and ending with us running from a storm. As always though, she nailed her session and we had a blast doing so! Keep reading more to learn more about how Monique started her business and where she is going next!

How long has Soul transformation been around? And what inspired you to open it? My business, Soul Transformation, just celebrated two years! I love the community I was able to create! Young Living Essential Oils has been a part of my business since 2017. Young Living opened my eyes to a world of healing with Reiki, Meditations, and Card Readings. In January of 2020, I became fascinated with card decks, and bought my first one, “The Universe has your Back” by Gabby Bernstein. As I realized I had intuitive gifts, I felt drawn to become a Reiki practitioner and tap into them even more. During the shutdown, I was inspired to “be the calm” that everyone craved-I started offering card readings and wrote guided meditations in order to heal. In 2022, I am a Reiki Master, in a counseling program that I love, and my business continues to grow!

What were you doing before Soul transformation opened? And or what else are you working on currently? Before I officially opened Soul Transformation, I did not understand my purpose and my path. Reiki helped me realize my true purpose and I will always be grateful to all of my Reiki Master teachers- Jill Coletti, Katie White, and Katie Boyd. It’s safe to say that I am a Jackie of all trades! While running my business and attending graduate school, I worked as a full-time Special education teacher. Since then, I have left the teaching field to begin my counseling internship and work full-time on my business.

How would you describe Soul transformation? Soul Transformation is a healing space and loving Spiritual community for self-care and stress management for women through reiki, customized guided meditations, and card readings. Transformation was the one word that hit me hard on my 2020 vision board and there were so many signs pushing me. I set an intention for myself: “Surrender every expectation and my guides will show me the name of my brand.” I wrote Soul Transformation in my notebook and immediately after got full body chills. It was SO me and my guides gave me a loud and clear “YES!” Soul Transformation encompasses every aspect of my life: living authentically, healing, wellness education, oily goodness, and intuitive card readings.

What services do you offer? My FREE clarity calls are designed to help new clients discuss their goals, tap into their energy, and decide together which services they would benefit from. Through virtual healing sessions, I incorporate Reiki, guided meditation, card readings, essential oil suggestions, Voxer 1:1 communication, and happy mail for our journey together. Additionally, I offer virtual intuitive card readings where I connect with your energy & spiritual team to provide you with divine guidance and wisdom through angel cards, oracle cards, and chakra cards. Keep an eye out for some new packages and ways to work with me and some of my favorite healers! As a Young Living essential oils Brand Partner, I make it easier than ever for people to become customers.

What’s your favorite thing about your business? Most rewarding? Most challenging? It makes my heart so happy to work with my clients! Seeing them use the tools I offer them- setting boundaries, cutting cords, meditating, listening to frequency music, or releasing things that don’t serve them- is so rewarding. I am reminded of my motivation when clients share a voice clip or a moment with me. For me, the most challenging part is learning all of the back-end small business stuff. I built my website from scratch and am still learning all the tips and tricks of entrepreneurs. It’s okay to take messy action; it won’t always be perfect.

What do you do for fun on your down time? I love being outside- hiking, kayaking, and going on mindful walks. Fresh air and grounding energy are non-negotiable for me! I also enjoy playing around with new recipes in the kitchen while blasting Broadway show tunes. When I don’t feel like cooking, I love trying new restaurants or going back to my favorites, like Kaizen in Sturbridge for their Century rolls. Yum! Family is very important to me, and I am thankful to have such a special bond with my Mom through girl’s trips and spending quality time together.

What motto/quote do you always try to live by? Healing is never a linear process and sometimes things are going to be shaky. One of my all-time favorite quotes and reminders is: “Just before you break through the sound barrier, the cockpit shakes the most” -Chuck Yeager

What Inspires you? This is a tough question since I am inspired daily by my friends, soul family, and of course my clients when they share their successes and victories with me. As a business owner, I am not only enthused by the work I get to do but also inspired to strive toward being the best version of myself that I can be.

What do you want to achieve in the future? As a passive income stream, I would like to create my own card deck and sell my guided meditations. It is my dream to live the life that I have always imagined- to own a dream home with my man and maybe even adopt a French bulldog puppy! It is my long-term goal to open my own private practice for Soul Transformation that includes Reiki, healing modalities, and holistic therapies.

Visit Monique’s Soul Transformation website to learn more about her and book services! To learn more about branding photography for your business head over Hillary Lynn Photography to learn more!

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