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7 Places to Upload your Headshots

Using Your Headshot Creatively Online

As a Photographer, I’m here to tell you there are numerous ways to use your headshot creatively online! The days of getting your headshot taken and sticking it on your business card are over. Check out these different ways you can start using your headshots now!

Social Networking Sites Such As LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.

Adding your headshot to networking sites can allow you to really connect with those you are interacting with. Due to the current times lots of communication happens online, leaving little room for a real connection to form between a business and its clients. When you add headshots to your social networking sites you add a more personal touch when talking with people.

Your Email Signatures

Similar to social networking sites adding your headshot at the end of an email, along with your signature, creates more of a connection when communicating online. When talking with new or potential clients the headshot can make them feel like they know you better. Not only can it lend a sense of authority, including your headshot at the end of an email, but it can add that personal touch that is difficult to access when communicating online.

Websites and Blogs

When working with new people, it is important that they remember your face. And if you have your own business, including your headshot within your website and blog posts can be a good way to guarantee they never forget who you are.

Online publishing

If you publish things such as, online articles, E-books, web apps, and more, adding your headshot can make your work more personable. When you add professional headshot to your published work it allows you to increase our personal branding as well.

Your Social Media Accounts

In our current times, social media has become the way to connect with all different types of people. Having your headshots included within your social media pages allows you to make sure you connect with new people as much as possible. Headshots also make it easier for people to find you online.

Speaker Panels and Presentations

Professional settings, such as speaking panels and presentations, are great opportunities for you to show off your headshot. It allows people to remember who you are, possibly creating new connections for you and your business. A headshot added before or at the beginning of your presentation, gives those who are going to be listening to you a first impression of who you are.

Press and Promotion

When working in a competitive industry getting your name out there can be difficult. Including your headshot whenever you can is a great way to try and get your name out there. Making sure to include your headshot in things like, signs, brochures, and ad space, can make you and your business more memorable.

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