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Your Massachusetts Elderberry and Essential Oils Source | Mama LIFE Oils

Meet Jes! Your Source for Organic Homemade Massachusetts Elderberry Syrup and All Natural Chemical Free Products made with Essential Oils. She started making her products as a way to help her family and now she is helping so many others with them! Keep reading to learn more about her journey and where you can pick up her products!

How long has mama LIFE oils been around? And what inspired you to start it?

Mama LIFE started six years ago! My daughter is my inspiration and the reason why I started this business. She was born with a genetic mutation where she cannot process toxins efficiently. So my mommy brain had to scramble to figure out how to help her. I had to throw away every toxin in our house and DIY everything. The only solution was essential oils! Then cold and flu season started and I began making elderberry syrup. People began asking me for all of my products and boom! my business started!

What were you doing before mama LIFE oils? And or what else are you doing now (school/work etc):

I always tell people that by trade I am a  Licensed Mental Health Counselor. I had my own private practice where I specialized in Maternal Mental Health and also opened The Restorative Wellness Center in Hampden where we provide holistic, alternative treatments! I’m no longer practicing as a therapist, but still manage the Wellness Center.

How would you describe mama LIFE oils?

Mama LIFE Oils is your source for all things Elderberry and Oils!

Any hidden or secret talent or skill you possess?

I am an avid softball player and have been playing for 30 years. Additionally, I have done triathlons, half marathons, marathons and obstacle course races. 

What products/services do you offer?

I sell Elderberry Syrup and Beverages and chemical-free products made from essential oils.

What’s your favorite thing about your business? Most rewarding? Most challenging?

I love being able to offer my customers alternative solutions for their health, home and families. And its amazing when customers tell me that what I gave them worked! I especially love when I do events and my daughter helps me. The most challenging aspect of the business is trying to keep costs down, so I can make sure my products are affordable! 

What do you do for fun in your down time?

I make sure I workout a few times a week. I love playing softball and i love hitting up new places I never been too, especially wineries and brewery’s. 

What motto/quote do you always try to live by?

“I am a woman. Hear me roar.”

What tiny thing can make your day?


What do you want to achieve in the future?

My vision is to expand my business to have a commercial kitchen, staff, and a brick and mortar store! 

You can shop all of Jes’s products on her website or in local stores listed on her site! You can also follow along with her on both Facebook and Instagram to see what she is up to next!

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