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Shear Xtreme Salon Easthampton Massachusetts | Barbara Paulo

Meet Barbara from Shear Xtreme Salon, a hair stylist with amazing talent and a beautiful heart! Barbara uses her many skills and to bring joy and beauty to so many others. She was such a joy to work with on her branding photos and im so excited you get to learn a little more about her too!

What’s your name and your business name? 

Barbara Paulo, Shear Xtreme, LLC

How long have you been in business and what inspired you to start it? 

20 Years this March! My inspiration came from my customers really and all that I had inside me, my interest in the beauty industry, the drive to create beauty, the perseverance to do what is best for my family and most of all to do what I love. Having an entrepreneurial spirit allows me to shine, grow, learn, focus and help others find the beauty within themselves shine through. I love seeing them smile and surprised how good it feels to look into the mirror with a whole new look. Of all the different jobs I’ve had in the past, being a “beautypreneur” is the absolute most rewarding and the best. A feel good profession. And it challenge me to take better care of myself as well. Best I can. So I share…what I learn.

What products/services do you offer?

 I offer customs styles and colors all created by my education, consultation, passion and creativity. This inspired my tag line- Consult Create Craft. Custom haircutting, color services of all types as color is my main source of creativity, consult in hair loss, smoothing treatments as well as texture styling including permanent waves

What were you doing before you started your business? 

I worked in various salons as a stylist, colorist and managed one as well. I also went to college for business throughout the years and graduated in my early 40’s with a Bachelors in Business Management at Elm’s College.   

And or what else are you doing now (school/work etc) 

Now, I recently became a yoga teacher….where did that come from you might ask? I took a much needed vacation that was a yoga retreat to Belize and instantly fell in love with the self love, the gift of presence and one with nature. My love for yoga grew overnight and I came home in search of a yoga training to continue my journey. I also, continuously work on my salon business and it evolves into more and more community work with those in need of help. I do a lot of work with Wigs for Kids and the Great Cycle Challenge to raise awareness for kids with cancer. I share many interests among my community and get involved in whatever ways I can. But what I consistently work on is supporting each and every one of my guests to feel beautiful and good about themselves. We are celebrating our 20th year in business and this accomplishment I am very proud of…also I cant believe how fast it has gone by. Here’s to more….and new beginnings, meeting new guests and finding more reasons to do what I love.

How would you describe your business?

A place of beauty where consulting with each guest, creating the space to design their new look and then to watch their reaction to how they feel when they look into the mirror. Priceless. It’s classic style with a modern edge, personalized, customized and their own style.

I think about _____ a lot:

I think about vacation a lot.

What was the most recent interesting conversation you had?

I met this guest that is a great businessman. He had so much knowledge, I listened intensively as he shared. I learned so much and to this day utilize what I can. Immediately, I sprung to action and saw potential. He inspired me in our very first visit. I believe that time was open for a reason, a purpose for both of us. Great connection.  But reality is every conversation in my chair is unique, special and having this career is so rewarding and interesting.

What is your favorite place in your office/studio/home? 

My yoga mat. It comes with me wherever I go in case I have some time to just get on my mat and listen to my breath, follow my heart. Be in the present and then stretch out the stiff joints along the way. I love also if there’s a beam of light coming in through the door or window. I like the warmth.

What is your favorite product you would recommend to everyone? 

My absolute favorite is a leave in conditioner. Without it there would be tangles and static. Be kind to your hair, gentle when wet.

What’s your favorite thing about your business? 

My fav is helping others feel beautiful and having the flexibility as an entrepreneur to schedule my time in as well (although I need to get better at this)   Most rewarding?  Serving my community and seeing how we all work together to make things happen Most challenging?  Keeping the schedule, booking in lunch for me and being able to spend time networking as well.

Shampoo/Conditioner of choice:

I’m a hairstylist so I am testing out various brands constantly but I have found Zenagen to be my top choice for anti aging benefits.

What do you do for fun in your down time? 

I love having time with my friends going places, doing new things, going to the beach, the pool, read, walk, yoga of course, biking and spending time with family and my grandson is number one. Just being out in nature is what soothes me.

What is your morning skin-care routine? 

Wash, moisturize, sunscreen and light makeup starting to do face yoga as well good time be after moisturizing.

What motto/quote do you always try to live by? 

Just do it. I always feel this one…keeps me going…I can procrastinate pretty good too so this keeps me focused and in line. One other is “Be your own kind of beautiful”  Everyone has beauty within them… I love to bring it out too….share joy, my passion and let them see it for themselves.

What do you want to achieve in the future? 

My very own private space that I can share all that I love…. Hair + yoga, helping those suffering from hair loss and creating an office studio that I can take pictures, be the photographer of sorts and create videos to showcase my creations and guide others in teaching various ways, creating classes and content for social media. An actual office that will be cozy, comfy, functional and organized. Can I say two of the biggest things I would want to achieve is being on the cover of Business West and being in the 50 over 50 top entrepreneurs. But looks like I need to be on the committee to form 50 over 50. That award would be amazing.

Essential oil of choice: 


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