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Dog Boarding Massachusetts | Harvey’s House Petcare

Meet Andrea Lewis and Harvey, the Springfield-based owners of Harvey’s House Petcare! When you need any type of pet sitting services, Harvey’s House is an amazing spot for your pets to spend time. And what distinguishes them is the in-home feeling of comfort and care that they will receive while having the best time possible with cage free boarding. Continue reading to find out more about Andrea and Harvey, as well as how to book your Fur Babies’ next stay!

What is your name! How should people address you?

Andrea Lewis. Just Andrea is fine!

What is the name of your business? 

Harvey’s House PetCare

What products/services do you offer? Please feel free to go into detail to give a greater understanding of these services!

We offer boarding for owners going on vacation (both short or long stays), weekend trips, or even just daycare! Some dogs come to us for a couple of hours on a Saturday and some stay for 3 weeks. It’s all dependent on what their owners need.

Where are you located and what areas do you serve?

We are in East Forest Park, Springfield and mainly board dogs from all over Western Mass and Connecticut. We’ve had travelers from Pennsylvania and D.C. before who needed a place for their dogs while on business or visiting with family. 

And what inspired you to open your business? How long have you been active in this field?

I love animals! I’ve taken care of pets for family members, friends of family, and neighbors since I was 13. I officially started boarding dogs in my home about 2 years ago and quickly realized how much I loved it. I created a simple website and logo for the business, and Harvey’s House took off! 

What products/services do you offer?



In-home sitting (I will stay in your home if you prefer)

Check-ins for other pets (in your home)

Grooming (if requested, as I am only learning)

I am not a licensed trainer, but I will stick to training routines if asked to by owners. 

Last show you binge-watched.

My favorite shows are That 70’s Show and Gilmore Girls. I binge them over and over on the regular!

Harvey’s Favorite Toy?

He loves to chew on his bones and play tug of war!

What’s your favorite thing about your job?

Getting to meet all different types of dogs and learning their personalities. I also love watching Harvey enjoy his company. It’s always a party at his house!

What is the most rewarding and most challenging part of your job?

The most challenging part of the business happens when we get a batch of dogs who don’t get along, are needy, or not well trained. Some dogs are not potty trained or will mark in the house, some can be food or toy aggressive, and some bark non-stop. It can be very difficult at times to relax at home in these cases. 

That being said, the majority of the time, I enjoy spending time with the dogs. The most rewarding part about running Harvey’s House is helping owners feel at ease when they are away from their pets. I know from experience that it’s not easy to leave your furry friend for days on end. It’s always rewarding to know my clients value and trust us to take care of their family members. It’s also comforting to know that Harvey is never alone or bored at the house either! 

Harvey’s Favorite Treat?

Harvey LOVES peanut butter and whipped cream. As soon as he hears the lid of the jar or the shake of the can, he’s suddenly at our sides licking his chops! 

What Inspires you? What do you want to achieve in the future?

I would love to be able to grow the business further and expand into a full doggy-daycare. I want to keep the “in-home” aspect. That is what keeps our clients coming back and what attracts new clients as well. When the dogs are in our care, they become part of our family.

Tell me a little about yourself!

I’m a middle school teacher so I’m around kids all day. When I’m with the dogs, I’m a little kid myself. I love wrestling with them and playing tug of war. I’m no stranger to baby talk, but I do know how to be strict. The dogs are like my students. They both need training and I use my teacher-voices all the time!

What do you do for fun in your down time?

Chris and I enjoy playing tennis in our free time. I coach Boys Varsity Tennis for West Springfield High School and we both play out of Enfield Tennis Club. I also enjoy renovating our home and dabbling in various DIY projects. My greatest passion, aside from dogs and teaching, is traveling. I can’t ever sit still and am always dreaming about our next vacation. 

What’s your dream vacation?

Chris and I will be getting married in October. We are planning to travel all over Europe. I’m most anxious to visit Greece and Italy!

Do you have a favorite quote or mantra to live by?

Que sera, sera. Whatever will be will be. 

I live by this quote every day. Whenever I am faced with uncertainty or a new challenge, I truly believe that whatever is meant to happen, will in fact happen. It puts me at ease and allows me to stay motivated and focused on my goals!

Anything else you would like to share?

I have been a special education teacher for 10 years. I currently teach 8th grade at West Springfield Middle School.

My fiance, Chris, works as a Communications Analyst for the Springfield School System. The dogs love him because he’s gentle, kind, playful, and great to cuddle with!

This business is different from your average boarding facility or kennel because we offer our love and care to your pets as if they were our own. No cages or cement ground to sleep on. Instead, we offer our comfy, cozy home, couches and blankets to sleep on, and loving attention. When our furriends stay with us, they are on vacation too! We truly want them to be healthy, happy and enjoy their time. Harvey is so good with all types of personalities and temperaments. He is the true reason the dogs love coming back! 

Please follow along with Andrea and Harvey on their Website, Instagram, BBB or Facebook Group: Under Andie Lewis (Harvey’s House PetCare)

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